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Your choice of plastic parts manufacturer can make or break your success. When it comes to your products, there should be no misses. You need to ensure high quality in every step of the way. Choosing the right manufacturer of custom plastic parts is the only way to do this. Here are a few questions you should ask to choose the right plastic parts manufacturer:  

Is their QMS certified?

The manufacturer’s Quality Management System (QMS) dictates their output. Certain industry standards should be upheld so that each product requirement is met. Make sure they are ISO certified. Also, make sure the certifying party is recognized and unbiased.  

Is there adequate support for new product development?

A capable engineering support team can ensure efficiency every step of the way. It is this team that can help balance design and manufacturing optimization. This way, you can get the right products with little to no waste in resources.  

Are secondary operations provided?

Dealing with a single company adds to the overall efficiency. Check if the manufacturer also provides other services like labeling. Some companies also attach fasteners. Some can assemble multi-part products for you. If they offer secondary services like these, they’re an optimal choice.  

How many presses do they have?

You may not have a lot of orders at the moment. But if you’re planning for an expansion, make sure the manufacturer can deal with it. They may be small now, but check on their expansion plan. It will be hard to switch service providers later on. Make sure as early as now that they can support your needs as you grow.  

How is their customer service program?

Make sure they treat you well. No matter how small your business is, you’re still a customer. Look at potential delays and see how they deal with it. Observe how they answer your questions. Make sure they update you at every turn. Good customer service does not mean their process is flawless. There could be a problem or two somewhere down the road. What’s important is what they do when this happens.  

How is their work history?

Who have they worked with in the past? What kind of projects have they done? Know their history well. This allows you to see what their capabilities and limitations are.  

Make sure your business becomes known for high quality products. This only happens the moment you choose the right plastic parts manufacturer.