Plastic part manufacturing

Packaging is a crucial part of any process not just because it sells the product, but because it greatly influences the integrity and quality of the product. This is why in the plastic part manufacturing industry, great care is placed into designing and planning the kind of packaging to be used on the plastic parts. What should be considered when packaging the plastic parts manufactured?

1) Size or Number

Will the parts be packaged in bulk, or is there a need for them to be packaged individually? This will greatly affect not only the costs, but the amount of packaging required as well. Note that there may also be cases where you can package the parts individually and place them in bigger boxes for easier distribution.

2) Transport and Distribution

How will these parts be transported? Poorly packaged parts may sustain a lot of damage if they will be going through a rough ride through the distribution process. Pay attention to how you can make sure the parts remain in perfect condition despite rough transport and distribution conditions. This would also affect your choice of material for the packaging. Although cartons are the usual choice for individual packaging, there may be a need for you to consider tougher and more secure packaging materials in case the parts would have to travel long distances and you are unsure about how these will be handled.  

3) Price

Your product packaging will incur costs, which means that this would have to be considered when computing for the total price of the parts as well. The packaging should incur costs that would allow you to stay within the optimal price.  

4) End Use

Will the parts be shipped directly to customers, or will they only be sent to distributors? This will greatly affect the way you package your product. If the products are being shipped directly to customers, the packaging may have to be individual. There will also be cases where secondary packaging is required. If the chain ends in the distributors, then you can package the product individually, then put all these individual packages inside a master carton. There may also be times when the distributor hopes to use their own individual packaging. In this case, you may consider packaging in bulk. Look at every possible option before deciding on proper packaging. This may seem like a trivial aspect, but in reality, it can greatly compromise the quality of your product.