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Our Injection Molding Company Uses 7 Major Kinds of Plastic

Great plastic injection molding starts with the right materials for your project. Polyethylene is most popular for plastic molds. Polypropylene is soft and lightweight. ABS is tougher. Nylon is heavier but costs more. Use PC for transparency. Read more about PC/ABS and PS for your injection molding.

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Our Plastics Company Manufactures Your Products Defect-Free

Plastic mold manufacturing is delicate work. Our injection molding company is committed to defect-free custom plastic parts. We’re plastic manufacturers who avoid flow lines and variations in temperature. You won’t get burn marks. You won’t see bubbles, voids, or sink marks, either.

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5 Fast Facts about the U.S. Plastics Industry

Injection molding is the most popular process for manufacturing plastic. If you are looking to optimize your manufacturing process with a valued partner, Murray Plastics can help you design, manufacture, and deliver high quality plastic parts that fit the budget.

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The Labor Gap: Mike Rowe’s Visit to Congress

Rowe attended a meeting with the House Education and the Workforce subcommittee in Congress. He urged the board to think about new laws about the subject. Such laws should enable federal funding for the technical and trade training of young people.

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