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Read About the Start of Our Plastic Injection Molding Company

Bill Hall built our plastics injection molding company, which he still owns and operates. Manufacturing custom plastic parts wasn’t part of Bill’s original plan — go to college and work in a bank. Instead he stayed in the family business, in custom plastic film projector reels, and expanded.

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See How Plastic Injection Molding Works — With LEGOs!

For manufacturing custom plastic parts, we use LEGOs as an example to understand injection molding. The plastic mold injector the company began using in 1948 allowed it to mass produce blocks identical to each other. Our plastics company delivers the same precision for your project.

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How Much Will My Plastic Injection Molding Project Cost?

Our plastic injection molding company bases your cost on three main factors. How complex is your plastic mold? Where are you manufacturing your mold? (U.S. standards cost a bit more but your plastic mold lasts longer.) Will you reduce redesigns by involving our injection molding pros from the start?

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