Injection Mold Cost

One of the most frequently asked questions when researching a plastic mold injection manufacturer is, “How much will my plastic injection mold design cost?” The answer, however, isn’t quite as common. Because no two plastic injection molding projects are exactly the same, it’s rare that any two plastic injection mold quotes are going to be, either. Even so, a variety of factors go into determining the final quote a manufacturer produces for a potential client - everything from materials to sustainability to complexity of the piece. If you are shopping around for a plastic mold injection quote, knowing what unique factors go into producing the mold will help you anticipate how much of an investment is appropriate to get the result you want.  
  1. Complexity. The detail work of crafting a custom mold involves elements like creating body cavities, applying a surface finish, adding cooling lines and integrating a variety of parts to increase or improve functionality. All of these elements play into the overall cost of the mold, which increases the more complex the design becomes.
  2. Sustainability. Plastic molds created in the U.S.A. are regulated under government standards, meaning customers who source plastic mold injection designs domestically can be confident about receiving a final product that complies with a certain performance standard. When outsourcing plastic mold design overseas, customers take a gamble at compromising their design with cheaper materials and less stringent tolerances, ultimately yielding a product that costs less up front but is more likely to lose integrity over time. Most plastic mold manufacturers in the U.S.A. utilize stainless steel for the creation of cavities and bases, which not only allows the mold to perform longer but better, as well.
  3. Redesign. Between initial sketches, samples and prototypes, a reputable plastic mold injection designer will have the expertise to know when a design is already optimized for production, and when subtle or global changes ought to be made. In refining a design, injection mold designers help customers to boost output in each molding cycle and maximize mold efficiency, ultimately leading to greater profits and quicker turnaround time. This is when it pays - literally - to have a professional team of designers in your corner, helping to get you the greatest return on your investment for months (and years) to come.
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