Plastic part manufacturing

The rise of 3D printing has made it easier than ever for individuals to design and produce their own plastic creations without the involvement of an industry professional. Nowadays, countless plastic molds exist to create a nearly endless variety of containers, tools and parts, with plastic mold engineers limited only by their imagination. However, increased 3D printing accessibility doesn’t necessarily mean that a DIY print job is the most profitable solution for individuals looking to reproduce or distribute their independent plastic creations via a manufacturer. 3D mold designing can be a tricky process, and the engineers at Murray Plastics have spent years streamlining the creation process, saving customers valuable time and money while delivering top-notch, detailed results. Are you considering using plastic molds as part of an upcoming project? Here are three reasons to outsource your plastic mold design job to a pro.
  1. Less up-front startup costs. The average 3D printer costs around $700, meaning an individual looking to invest in and learn the operations of 3D printing would need to make an investment up front before ever beginning the design process. Save money and eliminate the trial and error of at-home printing by bringing in an engineer who understands the nuances of plastic mold design and has the latest technology for plastic printing equipment installed and ready to go!
  2. Ability to use plastic molds with a manufacturer. When you outsource the work of plastic mold designing to professional, not only are you increasing your profitability by eliminating your equipment costs - you’ll have a design that is capable of being manufactured and reproduced. Compared to a professionally crafted plastic mold, DIY plastic molds are far more likely to have structural inconsistencies or lack of appropriate material thickness, both of which will result in longer cycle times and quality problems later on down the road.
  3. From programming to printing, pros have technical knowledge. There’s just no other way around it: 3D printing and mold designers will have a solid background in every aspect of the plastic mold process, from the initial draft to the finished product. Print and design programs like CAD, Solidworks and Mastercam are second nature to the Murray Plastics team, and that knowledge translates to expertise that can’t be learned in a few short hours of self-study. For the best experience creating any type of plastic product (especially one that will yield excellent reproductions), trust the team at Murray Plastics to help you create something attractive, reliable and build to last.
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