Selecting a plastic mold manufacturer can be tricky - but it doesn’t have to be. A large part of choosing the right business to help develop your plastic product is knowing which questions to ask, and what reassurances to look for. Here are three key inquiries to make before deciding on a custom mold manufacturer.
  1. Clear communication. When you are vetting a custom plastic parts manufacturer, one of the first qualities to look for is a team that communicates reliably and clearly. Ask your contact to walk you through the process of placing an order, and pay attention to the series of events that the manufacturer walks you through. Does your ability to submit feedback to the design stop after the first round of drafts? Are you given the means to contact and connect with the manufacturer to receive updates as your design is created? Does the manufacturer break down any “industry speak” into language you can easily access and understand? Your manufacturer should be professional, personable, and make themselves available to you so that you feel as included in the development of your product as possible.
  2. Domestic manufacturing. Having a manufacturer who sources and manufacturers locally creates a more competitive advantage due to in-house tooling and experienced engineers who work to provide customers with a one-stop solution to their needs. If you feel confident in your manufacturer’s ability to communicate and involve you in the plastic mold injection design process, the next step is identifying and connecting with a domestic company who can assess your custom plastic needs. Not only will staying in touch with your manufacturer be simpler, but regulations and factors like quality control are guaranteed to be above board when sourcing stateside.
  3. Years of experience. While many things may compliment a manufacturer’s ability to deliver an exceptional product, nothing takes the place of time spent in business. When looking for a reliable, experienced plastic mold injection manufacturer, be sure to ask how long they’ve been established, and inquire into the expertise of their team. Murray Plastics has been in business for over 19 years, and that doesn’t include the collective number of working years our engineers and designers have under their belt. A company that’s been around for a significant amount of time tells you two things: they know the industry, and they’ve lasted because their customers trust them to deliver a great product, every time.
Have questions about our process? Want to learn more? Read Our Guide to Injection Molds. Ask us anything about our expertise, experience, and how Murray Plastics can help you turn a prototype into reality.