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In 2019, it’s more simple than ever for customers to get what they want, fast. As the time between ordering an item and the item arriving at our door becomes shorter and shorter, it’s easy to assume that anything we invest in should be ready in 24 hours or less. But there are still a few things best done the old fashioned way - and plastic mold injection is one of them. In the spring of 2018, CNBC reported that over 6 million skilled labor jobs remained open and unfilled. Trades like carpentry and construction, along with openings in truck driving and mechanics, have experienced a record shortage of workers needed to provide services to communities in need of skilled laborers, leaving many companies lacking the experience needed to produce a great product. At Murray Plastics, we know that skilled labor is in demand - and we put only the best tradesmen in plastic injection molding to work. The difference between Murray Plastics and so many other industry competitors is our commitment to recruiting and maintaining and team of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who are as devoted to creating perfection as you are about receiving it. At Murray Plastics, our skilled team lives and works locally to give customers the best chance at receiving a finished product that is expertly designed and competitively priced. With over twenty years in business, the team at Murray Plastics knows how to take a concept and turn it into reality. Thanks to our team’s extensive engineering know-how and a down-to-earth, approachable attitudes, we’ve worked to close the gap between any overseas convenience-based advantage and the quality that comes from sourcing your products from a well-regarded local manufacturer. But at the end of the day, we believe that empowering our potential customers to do the research is key to understanding why we offer a relationship and result that’s different from most other manufacturing companies. Before you commit to a manufacturer, be sure to ask these three questions:
  1. Are they local? While there are advantages to be had when sourcing your production overseas, ultimately, nothing beats the convenience and care customers experience when they buy close to home. Ensure parts are available and regulated, and that communication is timely and reliable. Another bonus of sourcing local: a domestic production plant means potential buyers have the ability to visit the site - one factor that is much more difficult when outsourcing overseas.
  2. Do they have an extensive selection? Providing potential customers with the materials necessary to create an excellent product is key to sealing the deal on a manufacturer. Be sure to ask about material selection and how their team chooses the products components.
  3. Are they experienced? When all is said and done, nothing beats the simple time one spends perfecting a craft. Look for a domestic manufacturer that has been in the industry for longer than a few years, and someone who hires workers who live, work and breathe their trade.
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